What is the Alliance Project Grant?
The Alliance Project​ partners art, cultural and science ​organizations
​with teachers in creating curriculum applications and learning
​opportunities for students. ​ performances, ​workshops, guest
​ artists/scientists, and field trips are provided to ​​supplement
​curriculum.  The grant covers expenses for approximately
​25-30 events at a value of approximately $10,000.00 in goods and
​services over the course of a year.  The Alliance Project is funded ​by
​the Science & Cultural Collaborative utilizing funds ​from ​the ​Scientific
​& Cultural Facilities District. Funding is ​subject ​to approval by the
​SCC/SCFD Boards.

​​Examples of Activities​​
Creativity, Brainstorming, & Imagination Workshops - Denver Art Museum
On-Campus Mobile Art Gallery exhibit of art - Cherry Creek Arts Festival
Physiology with an Altitude/Orienteering - CO Mountain Club
Slam Poetry/Digestive System/Anatomy of Hip Hop - DCPA
Shakespeare/Bullying/Music Masterclass - Opera Colorado
Origami/Ceramics/Acting/American History workshops - Aurora Cultural Services
Additional Example Activities​​

Schedule of programming
August to September - the SCC Coordinator conducts bi-weekly planning meetings with an interdisciplinary team of teachers (generally 8-10 teachers in one grade) to ​hear requests for activities that might supplement their curriculum. ​ Oct. to May - cultural programs and activities at the schools or field trips to cultural venues.​

​​How do I apply for the grant?​​ Grant applications will be available in Jan. 27th for Denver, Boulder, Adams and Jefferson Counties.
One school in each SCFD county with middle school grades and their self-selected partner school receive the grant for a minimum of one year. Ece-8 or K-8's may choose to work with their lower grades. The grant is not intended to serve the entire school and is not a cash award. Schools are only eligible to apply for the grant once.​​   

Alliance Project Schools 2016-17 

​Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts
Partner: Adventure Elementary

Murphy Creek K-8 
Partner:  Lower grades

New satellite school:
Deer Trail School​​​

​Twin Peaks Charter Academy
Partner: Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School

Kohl Elementary
Partner: Birch Elementary

​Girls Athletic Leadership School
Partner: GALS High School 

Challenge to Excellence 
Partner: Ben Franklin Academy

​Falcon Bluffs Middle
Partner: Mortensen Elementary

Children's Museum of Denver
Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
PACE Center
Contact: 303-519-7772 
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