A nonprofit membership organization of art, science and cultural organizations funded by the SCFD

"Doing Things Together
We Could Not Do Alone" 

The Collaborative of the SCFD, formerly known as the Scientific & Cultural Collaborative (SCC), is a non-profit organization comprised of cultural organizations funded by the SCFD, a cultural tax in the 7-county area that funds over 300 organizations.

The Collaborative utilizes membership fees from Tier I and Tier II SCFD organizations to provide services to the members and larger community.

MISSION: The Collaborative of the SCFD empowers scientific and cultural organizations through collaboration and capacity-building for the benefit of the public.

VISION: Together we will be leaders in advocacy, collaborators on opportunities and challenges in our fields, and providers of access to rich artistic, scientific and cultural opportunities for all members of our community.

Since 1994, The Collaborative members have worked together by investing a portion of their SCFD awards into joint education and public awareness ventures. In essence: "to do things together that we could not do alone” through collaboration, regional service, and accessibility.

Our primary goal is to create programs together that address the SCFD statutory criteria:  

​All programs are monitored through monthly meetings

​Alliance Project partners with schools in all 7-counties

​Using joint funding to provide educational outreach and training

​VIP card provides a volunteer reward incentive for members

​Training meetings for professional development

​The Joint Database, Directory, and Roundtable meetings


Pathways funding provides assistance for libraries, hospitals, schools to receive programs, workshops, assemblies, bus transportation