A nonprofit membership organization of art, science and cultural organizations funded by the SCFD

 EXPLORABLE PLACES - is a national online, platform that connects schools, teachers and parents to the vast array of arts, culture and science programs in the Denver-Metro area. Find assemblies, field trips, workshops and professional development training for all grade levels. 

 Teachers:  We make it easy to find a program that suits your classroom needs. Use the search tool to find 

assemblies, field trips, workshops, teacher training, and performances by grade level, subject and location among others.


Cultural Organizations: You can easily upload your organization's profile and education programs to Explorable Places. There are two membership levels to suit your needs and budgets. Renewable each year.       

  •  Basic Profile: Free. The basic listing includes a 100-word description, a photo and 7 tags – filter keywords.
  •  Premium Profile: Modest cost per year per organization for unlimited programs and a maximum of five photos. This is a self-managed account that can be updated with contact info, learning experiences, photos and  longer descriptions. 
  • Booking/Calendar Addition: An additional cost for Premium profiles.Cost is based on organization size. Functionality includes scheduling of programs and booking, data exports, Google calendar sync, automated confirmation using organization’s email.  

TIP: For best photo resolution and cropping please use a fixed aspect ratio of 3:1. Ideal image size is 1280px by 427px

Paid profiles can also be added through this page.

 All Colorado organizations will be given a 20% discount on the listed price

of $300 for a price of $240 for each organization.

Use Promo code: CO20

 The code can be used to renew the account!

 To get started uploading your organization's education program: 

 Go to www.explorableplaces.com/partner  

Please direct concerns and questions directly to info@explorableplaces.com

The Collaborative of the SCFD is not responsible for the actions and activities of Explorable Places.