Scientific & Cultural Collaborative 

a membership organization of art, science and cultural organizations funded by the SCFD      

For Organizations 

  The SCC members have worked together since 1994 by investing in joint education and public awareness ventures.



The SCC Committee Roundtable meetings include updates on projects, professional development, and
resources. Each meets a minimum of four times per year.
 Board of Directors (executive directors or designated alternates)
 Education  (education or outreach directors/managers)
 Marketing  (marketing directors or managers)
 Development   (development directors)
 Volunteer Coordinators (staff working with volunteers)
 Visitor Services (staff, volunteers working with visitors, front of house, gift sales)
 Operations Managers (staff dealing with internal concerns –HR, facilities, strategic planning, etc.) 

THE JOINT DATABASE: A cloud-based database of patrons, subscribers, etc. overseen by Target Resource Group, offers SCC members the opportunity to efficiently maintain their own contact list, receive four NCOA, pull demographic reports and share mailing addresses on a permission basis. Open to non-profits and higher education statewide.

EXPLORABLE PLACES A user-friendly platform allowing organizations to upload their education outreach programs (field trips, assemblies, workshops, teacher training and more) allowing teachers and parents to filter searches for a fast and simple way to find your programs. 

EDUCATION PATHWAYS: Return of membership costs for the delivery of educational programs to groups within the SCFD at schools, senior centers, libraries, scouts, churches and other non-profits to off-set costs for on-site, outreach, bus transportation, interns, virtual learning, and residencies.

THE ALLIANCE PROJECT: Focusing on public middle school grades in each of the 7 counties selected by application for one-year grant that provides curriculum based programming at the teachers’ request. Coordinator works with a team of interdisciplinary teachers who suggest programs to supplement their curriculum. SCC culturals provide the program and are fully reimbursed for the cost. Buses, subs, pre-event contact, and study guides are provided to these schools.

VIP – VOLUNTEER INCENTIVE PROGRAM “Golden Ticket”: Cards are given to SCC members two times a year for use in rewarding volunteers with discounts and free admissions to selected SCC organizations.

NATIONAL VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION WEEK: Spreadsheet of discount offers for distribution each April.

MASTER SCHOOL LIST: Spreadsheet of SCFD K-12 public and non-public schools, grades, contacts and school codes.

ON-GOING SUPPORT FOR SCFD though email distribution, solicitation of participation for the SCFD Educators Night at DMNS, 

SCC JOB POSTINGS: Email distribution of job postings from SCC organizations to our Roundtables and Job Seekers.

SCC INQUIRY SHARING: Distribution of offers for events or a special inquiry on various aspects of operations (ticketing, insurance, policies, etc.) or resources (materials, supplies, web services) are made to members.

SCC WEBSITE: Contact links for all members, library of policies and resources, meeting schedules, and other resources.