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The Collaborative of the SCFD Board of Directors Meeting

Welcome Tier I and Tier II Executive Directors or designated alternates

2-4 pm


Jan 14         Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts

Mar 17        Swallow Hill Music Festival

May 12        Children's Museum at Marsico Campus

July 14        Denver Botanic Gardens- in Freyer-Newman Center

Sept 8         Lakewood Cultural Center

Nov 10        Colorado Children's Chorale

There are no Board meetings in Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct or Dec.

Leadership Cultural Competency Training (Executive Directors and Board Alternates)

Fri Nov 8; 1-5pm

Butterfly Pavilion

The Collaborative of the SCFD Orientation Coffee - Date TBA
Welcome new staff! Come learn about The Collaborative & SCFD.

Marketing, Operations and Visitor Services Roundtable (Tier I, II and III)

Wed Nov 13; 9:30-11am

Mizel Arts and Culture Center- The Judi Wolf Theatre

Presentation by: VISIT DENVER

Education Roundtable (Tier I, II and III)

Wed Dec 4; 3-4:30pm

Children's Museum of Denver at Marisco Campus

Volunteer Roundtable (Tier I, II and III)

Wed Jan 8; 4-5:30pm

Location: TBD

Volunteer Roundtable hosted by Denver Botanic Gardens and DOVIA

Wed Jan 5; 9am-11am

Registration required.