SCC Board of Directors (2:00-4:00 p.m.)
                 July 10          The Hudson Gardens & Events Center
                 Sept. 11         Swallow Hill Music
                 Nov. 13          Lakewood Cultural Center 
SCC Volunteer Coordinators Roundtable:
      No summer meetings - see you this Fall!

SCC Development Roundtable (development, fundraising, grant writing)
     No summer meetings - see you this Fall! 

ISCC Education Roundtable (education programming, outreach, classes, etc.)
      No summer meetings - see you this Fall! 

SCC Orientation Coffee (learn the SCC & SCFD - great for new staff)
    TBA June 2018 

SCC Operations Roundtable (internal affairs, facilities, staff, HR, business,etc.) 
   May 19 9:30-11:00  Swallow Hill Music Troy Riggs, Dept. of Public Safety
                  City of Denver  "A Safer Community with Q & A"

SCC Visitor Services Roundtable (membership, visitor services, gift sales) 
May 21   9:30-11:00  Clyfford Still Museum 
         Empowering Staff to Make Sales/Memberships/Subscriptions

SCC Marketing Roundtable (marketing, PR, communications, etc.)
 No summer Meetings - see you this Fall!

 Want to get involved?    Have an idea for a presenter or meeting topic?
    Belong to a professional organization you'd like to connect us with?
        Please let Charlotte know!