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 THE PROTOCOL: A position statement for partnering with schools in instruction

When approached for instruction or extended experiences,

external providers/community partners should be mindful to use this Protocol as a guiding principle:

To add your support,  please send a brief email with the subject line "I Support the Protocol" to scienceandculture@outlook.com

 As cultural organizations (external providers)  are sometimes asked to be an ongoing presence in a classroom in a manner that takes the place of a certified educator in the content area.

While providing engaging experiences for learning is the hallmark of cultural organizations it can be troubling to displace an educator.

The Protocol is a position statement to help guide both culturals and schools as they plan exciting programming together.

 "We, as external providers, endorse the principle that ECE-12 education should be delivered in a comprehensive and sequential manner by certified discipline specialists who are trained to fulfill state standards and curriculum units.  In schools, our trained presenters who advance student learning should support and not displace professional educators in providing school-day instruction and engagement."