SCC Joint Database-managed by TRG


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 Utilizing Contacts from SCC Organizations for Your               Own Marketing Outreach

 Unique to the SCC Joint Database is the online system of requesting a loan of individual mailing lists for a one-time use from fellow SCC Database users on a permission only basis.  Mailing lists are sent directly to mailing houses and are not captured by others. 

Caution: the Database system of sharing   

* may not be used for the direct solicitation of fundraising or donor request

* does not include sharing of email addresses to comply with Federal regulations

  ​​The SCC Joint Database is maintained by Target Resource Group and offers SCC members and cultural non-profits across Colorado the opportunity to efficiently maintain their own contact information of subscribers, single ticket buyers, volunteers, members and others to a cloud based system called "DATACENTER."

What if you could take all the data, from every ticketing/fundraising system in your community, and analyze it all in one place? What could you learn about your organization, as compared to your peers? That’s the power of TRG Data Center.

For a standard contract of one year (Sept. to Sept) the service  

 Provides protection for members to maintain control over their submitted information
- Processes 4 National Change of Address hygienes annually with merges and purging of    upoladed contacts

- Allows for unlimited uploads of data at any time
- Creates extensive patron demographics and cross penetration reports to identify shared     patrons with other organizations
- Provides weekly webinar trainings on the use of the DATACENTER system (data entry,         access,protection, sharing, etc.)

- Shares updates and information on national trends in attracting audiences/patrons, managing data, and maximizing use of the demographics

- Two hours of a Help Desk to support organizations and webinars, videos and other training

​Currently, the Joint Database accepts email addresses, but does not allow for the sharing of those names and emails. 

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 Tier III and statewide non-SCFD organzations with a cultural focus are eligible to participate!

See list of participating organizations: Here!

Payment to the SCC and submission of form - click button below

    Yearly contracts begin Sept. 15, 2018 and end Sept. 15, 2019

       Cost between Sept. 15 - Sept. 15 is $545.

       Half year cost March 15 - Sept. 15 is $260

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